Personal Injury: Whose Role is That; and What Part Does the Chiropractor Play?

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After documenting personal injury cases for over 22 years in Tucson, this article presents things Dr. Heaton hopes Patients, Insurance Agents, Medical Doctors, and Attorneys know BEFORE they are, or someone they serve is, in a car accident.


An insurance agent provides the BEST COVERAGE for a client that they can AFFORD.

Dr. Heaton highly recommends drivers have uninsured and underinsured coverage because some reports suggest that up to 47% of people in Arizona carry minimum insurance or no insurance at all. If a client is involved in a collision with an uninsured driver without this protection, there are no medical or compensation benefits. If a client is involved in a collision with an underinsured driver, the compensation benefits may not be adequate to care for the patient’s needs.

$5,000 in Medpay is good, but $10,000 in Medpay is BETTER. Dr. Heaton recommends that drivers consider AT LEAST $5,000 in Medpay. Medical payment benefits provide immediate coverage for any necessary treatment whether it is your client’s fault or the other driver’s fault. When a client has a high deductible such as $5,000, it will cover that deductible. Medical payments cover everyone in the vehicle and cover any automobile related incidences even if your client is a pedestrian or a cyclist. If a client is in a more serious collision, the hospital charges could easily be $5,000. $10,000 in coverage provides greater protection and care for the patient’s treatment. Medical payments are also an important benefit because health insurance often DOES NOT COVER all medical expenses. Generally, it’s only a small additional amount to receive much greater protection.


Insurance companies protect the company’s assets and guard against fraud or misconduct.

As a result, companies will only compensate a client for documented necessities. This is one of the reasons Dr. Heaton recommends that a person is examined by him RIGHT AWAY to document any physical or neurological findings. A client may not be aware of neurological issues immediately because they are masked by adrenaline or shock, and it is common for a person not to notice or experience symptoms until a day or two later. The days the office is “closed” are really open to accommodate personal injury cases. Call him right away if you or someone you serve has been in a motor vehicle collision. If for some reason he is unavailable, he will send a person to be examined in the emergency room. From decades of experience, he knows immediate treatment and documentation is CRITICAL for their care and for their case.


Medical doctors play a VITAL role in a patient’s care who is involved in a motor vehicle collision since insurance companies REQUIRE their approval for what is compensated.

However, because the necessary documentation is extensive and because of the legal responsibility for depositions, arbitration, and sometimes going to trial, the majority of medical physicians EXCLUDE THEMSELVES from this type of care and will not oversee collision or personal injury cases.

Dr. Heaton has established collaborative relationships with medical doctors of many disciplines who trust his attention to detail, and he’s interested in forming collaborative relationships with medical specialists of all kinds.


The attorney’s role is to protect the client, make sure they receive all the medical care necessary to return to pre-injury status, and to protect their financial interests.

Dr. Heaton works with many attorneys who have extensive experience and success with personal injury cases. He wants you to have the best attorney available for your needs and to understand their strengths and limitations. Just as there are different kinds of doctors, there are different types of attorneys. You wouldn’t go to a family practice doctor for orthopedic surgery, and you shouldn’t go to a criminal defense lawyer who dabbles in personal injury cases.

Over the years, Dr. Heaton has recognized that people are concerned that an attorney will take all the money from a case. Rather, what he has seen over the years is patients do better financially having an experienced personal injury attorney represent them. Dr. Heaton believes you should be compensated fully for the injuries sustained in a motor vehicle collision because, just as anyone who has experienced a sport or other injury will attest, that body part is never the same again, and it is more susceptible to injury.


The chiropractor’s role is to orchestrate this network of doctors, specialists, and personal injury attorneys because they are the most qualified to address the majority of the injuries generally sustained in a motor vehicle collision or personal injury incident.

Dr. Heaton has earned the reputation in Tucson among elite professionals who recognize this role and value his impeccable documentation which creates confidence not only that they will be paid fairly for their services but that their client will receive the best care and compensation for their injuries.


The patient’s role is to focus on healing, and the collaboration of trained and experienced professionals allows that to happen most effectively. Attempting to navigate the complexities of the physical, medical, financial, and legal aspects of a case without professional help not only leads to increased stress at a time a person is least able to manage stress, but it can also lead to a less viable case.

Dr. Heaton assures patients that because he works on a lien basis, they can focus on their care without worrying about upfront or out of pocket expenses.

Don’t let it get worse. Call Dr. Heaton first.

We look forward to serving you, and remember, “We’re on your team!”